Your Benefits of Working with AddCraft

Reaching for the Sky
AddCraft functions as a low-cost, fully transparent extension of your current business.
Most company's experience that when entering new markets finding the right people and establishing their business is gauranteed to be a time consuming challenge.

Outsourcing your business development to AddCraft gives you immediate benefits, such as:

  • flexibility
  • opportunity to focus on your core competencies
  • increased competitiveness
  • reduced costs
  • higher revenues

Faster Route-to-Market

AddCraft's consultants will enter the market using your business cards, presentations with your logo, and your company name, if desired, making it transparent to your clients that they are dealing with a service provider.

This approach ensures you immediate brand recognition.

Low-cost Market Testing

Because AddCraft puts you right in front of your expected clients, you will be able to do a 1st party market assessment without waiting for expensive and consulting firms to write up thick reports.

te up thick reports.