AddCraft Clients

An AddCraft client is a company we have been in contact with within the latest 6 months. The nature of the relationship may have been anything from an inspirational company workshop to a full-time consultancy contract.

Understanding your Technology and Opportunity
The AddCraft consultants have years of experience with developing, selling, implementing and supporting IT solutions.

When you work with AddCraft, you will have more than merely a sales team, you will also find a daily sparring partner in market, technology, and sales questions. - a Danish service provider, providing low-maintenance anti-virus scanning solutions as well as spam-fence, off-site backup solutions, etc. AddCraft focuses on recruiting clients in Denmark as well as distributors in Germany and Sweden.

webstimator - a Danish software company creating online calculation systems. webstimator offers a set of rule based calculation systems, which can be used for calculating anything online - from floor tile to finance. webstimator creates offers online in minutes, providing unsurpassed service for construction companies, building supply companies, and their customers.

Supermind Institute - a Danish software company creating high-end e-learning products based on scientifically proven learning principles and a beautiful, simple design. Take a quick look and double your reading speed. AddCraft helps Supermind get a foothold in the UK market.

unitfood - a Danish provider and manufacturer of low-fat, low-carbohydrate foods. unitfood supplies "leverpostej" as well as artificial flavors, milk powder, preserves, candy to Danish supermarkets and specialty stores. AddCrafts does business level coaching as well as market expansion in Scandinavia. - a skilled distributor of next generation high-tech insulation. IsoQuick truly revolutionizes the concept of insulation. AddCraft helps locating resellers and distributors in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and UK.

IT InterGroup - a Danish consulting firm, offering user management, security management(assessments and policies), and systems management solutions, such as automated software distribution, (IBM's Tivoli, BMC's MasterIT, Access360). AddCraft aids IT InterGroup with cross-Scandinavian IT sales and IT integration.

CapaSystems - a Danish software company delivering a world-class software distribution system, capable of giving you up to 99.9% success rates on automated software distribution and compatible with MS-SMS, IBM's Tivoli, and CA's Unicenter. CapaSystems and AddCraft have a technology exchange cooperation embracing national as well as international contacts and technologies.