In this Section you will find a list of Frequently Asked Questions about AddCraft and our Business Model

In Which Countries is AddCraft primarily Active?
We are currently working on expansion projects into:

  • Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, UK, USA

In Which Industries is AddCraft Active?
It is our firm beleive that we cannot help your company if we do not understand your technology ourselves. AddCraft covers a variety of technologies, such as:

  • IT security products (server monitoring, penetration testing, computer baselining)
  • Voice-recognition systems
  • CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)
  • Networking and systems management
  • eLearning Products (Speed Reading)
  • Hosted solutions (email, streaming, login/user management systems)
  • Adio-Visual equipment
  • Online services

Can AddCraft Provide a full-scale Market Investigation?
Yes, we could, but it is not our primary focus. Others would be more competitiveat this, like consulting firms, embassies and ministries.

Does AddCraft have experience with Venture Capital?
Yes, we have at several occasions produced documentation and business palns and presented for potential investors. We don't, however, recommend venture capital as a sound solution to companies that have not yet proven that they can sustain themselves in their home market.

What is the typical Duration of an AddCraft Consultancy Contract?
Usually AddCraft Contracts run anywhere between 6 months and 4 years. Typically it takes one year to establish presence in a market, then the company can choose to move on by itself or let AddCraft continue to develop the market.

What happens to the Information gathered by AddCraft when the Contract Expires?
In our opinion; your information is your information, so when an AddCraft business relationship is terminated, all gathered information is handed over to the client company to continue to work on by themselves.