- Understanding the Phases of Expansion

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Organizations moving into a new markets face a series of definable phases. This holds true whether your company is expanding as a result of growth or initially entering the market with a new product/service.

These phases are characterized by certain tasks needing to be carried out. If you look around, it's easy to find plenty of companies ready to help you out in the initial two phases.

However, when completing the first two phases, you still face the biggest challenge of all:
creating and navigating the growth

AddCraft also offers services in the first two phases, but our real strength lies within the implementation phase.

Company Startup
New Market Preparation
Market Implementation

· Idea

· Business Plan

· Supply Chain Issues

· Product

· Training Plan

· Organizational Issues

· Winning home Market

· Legal Issues

· Cultural Issues

· Practical Assigments

· Sales & Marketing

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