AddCraft Deliverables

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AddCraft's track record proves that the system works - why shouldn't it - it's basically a matter of implementing good, old business principles.

But logic isn't enough. AddCraft want you to feel comfortable with the business arrangement, so we are willing to put our system to the test.

This is basically done by agreeing on a list of deliverables for the new market - Deliverables both you & we are satisfied with - And then it all about getting to work!

Examples of deliverables

  • Market Intelligence related to your product
  • Go-to-market Plan
  • # of VARs contacted per month /in which areas
  • # of meetings per month
  • # of qualified VARs signed per month
  • VAR maintenance (collateral, web sites, seminars, shows, ...)
  • Mass mailing preparations
  • Stay within travel budget
  • Trip reports
  • Weekly status meetings/status reports
  • Market feedback to development/Product Management
  • Local/Global Competitive market information


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