AddCraft Services in the Emerging Market

When moving into a new market, it is key to follow a focused and localized process. AddCraft has the experience and the network to help your company succeed.

Traditionally, the first step taken before entering a new market is to invest substantially in an inch-thick market anaylsis from a well known, overpriced consulting firm that may or may not take the time to understand your technology. Sometimes the outcome is valuable for the decision making process, whereas other times the outcome results in additional bookshelf material.

Project Preparation & Product Alignment
This phase of the project puts your technology in front of potential partners and/or clients. This is the point we not only test the market, but also ensure product and market alignment.

  • Product training of your AddCraft Consultant
  • Market research
  • Client/VAR line-up
  • Localized Product Presentations, web site
  • Product aligment with local language, legislation, and customs

Market Coverage & Brand Recognition
When trust in the market opportunity has been established, it is time to approach the market more agressively, still keeping an eye on costs.

  • Press Coverage
  • Joint or solitary sales calls
  • VAR training

Pilots, VARs and Implementation
The key to expanded success is to be able to show referencable pilot installations. Winning pilots is a challenge in itself, since many companies worry about new technologies, new companies, and new concepts.

  • Case studies
  • White Papers
  • Pilot Cases
  • Implementation

Expansion at best is scalable. And scalable it will be when the first VAR(s) is up and profitable and more VARs wish to follow...
An important step here is to appreciate that the most efficient way of signing up VARs and have them commit themselves, is to deliver business to them directly

  • Sales Seminars
  • Full price Sales
  • VAR recruiting

Handing-back your Information
For each week or step of the way, your AddCraft consultant will give you progress reports. Unlike a traditional distributor, AddCraft treats all market information as your information. When our joint market efforts have proven themselves successful, you might wish to handle the market with your own employees. In this case you will find AddCraft services extraordinarily useful.

  • Recruiting of local employees
  • Contact to real estate companies
  • Contact to local government
  • Training of new sales personnel
  • Help you hit the ground running